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Vendor Partnerships

Equipment Leasing Will Increase Your Sales

Computer equipment leasing and financingPhoenix Leasing Systems will be your Sales and Marketing partner to maximize the sale of your equipment. We provide the following benefits to your organization:

Our Vendor Lease Process is simple and effective as indicated below:

  1. Early in the Sales Cycle introduce Equipment leasing to remove the objection of the lump sum payment.
  2. Contact Phoenix Leasing Systems via phone, fax, or e-mail with customer’s contact information.
  3. Manufacturing equipment leasing and financingWe will contact your client and provide a Leasing Information Packet – including; Customized Lease Proposal, Credit Application and General Lease Information.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed Credit Application we will process normally within 24 hours and advise your customer of its status.
  5. Upon acceptance of our Lease Terms we will forward Lease Documents via Overnight Mail to the customer for their signature.
  6. Upon receipt of the executed Documents from the customer we will issue a Purchase Order to you.
  7. Upon delivery and installation of the equipment we will forward payment via Overnight Mail to your office. It’s a Done Deal!

During this complete process Phoenix Leasing Systems provides appropriate communication to your designated salesperson.

Contact Phoenix Leasing to increase your SALES today!